Washington State: NW Farm Bill Action Group seeks Coordinator

22 Jun

Application Process:  Position open to applicants until July 22. Seeking a six month commitment to start August 15. Please send resume and cover letter to Community Alliance for Global Justice, attention NWFBAG Coordinator Position, 606 Maynard Avenue South, Room 252, Seattle WA 98104, farmbill@seattleglobaljustice.org.

Job description: Coordinator will continue the development and growth of the Northwest Farm Bill Action Group, as an alliance of organizations and individuals who advocate for a more healthy, sustainable and equitable food system. Responsibilities will include ensuring meetings occur (coordinating meeting places, times, drafting agendas, facilitating meetings, etc.), overseeing and driving fundraising efforts, developing and fostering organizational membership. Coordinator will work with the director of our parent organization, Community Alliance for Global Justice, who will provide insight and guidance. The Coordinator additionally will serve the needs of the Steering Committee and carry forth work that is agreed upon by the Steering Committee and the alliance at large. Two key tasks to be performed will be to coordinate members and volunteers to develop the Train-the-Trainer curriculum and conduct one Train-the-Trainer workshop by January 1, 2012 and conduct another workshop by April 1, 2012.  The Coordinator will also oversee efforts to raise an additional $5,000 by January 1 to satisfy a matching grant opportunity.  See the Train-the-Trainer project description below.

Desired Skills:

  • A commitment to social and economic justice, environmental sustainability and food system reform
  • Demonstrated success in coordinating individuals and community organizations to collaboratively reach an objective
  • Experience with individuals and organizations within the Pacific Northwest who are working on issues surrounding food system reform
  • A working understanding of the U.S. Farm Bill
  • Experience working within community organizations
  • Results driven
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with social networking sites, Microsoft Office, WordPress
Compensation: Initially $3,000 is available over a six month period, with a rough expectation of 200 hours committed.  Additional funding will potentially be available depending on fundraising results.

Northwest Farm Bill Action Group (NWFBAG)
NWFBAG was founded in August 2010 under the guidance of the Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ), which organized and hosted a community conference regarding the Farm Bill.  Since then NWFBAG has been researching, educating ourselves, planning, building leadership and meeting regularly. NWFBAG is comprised of a Steering Committee, an Outreach Committee, a Research Committee and a Legislative Monitoring Committee. The Steering Committee is committed of core volunteers from a broad array of community sectors that serves to guide the work of the alliance, while the other three committees spearhead the specific Farm Bill work. Early in 2011, to focus the work of the committees and the organization itself, NWFBAG crafted a vision and mission statement:
Northwest Farm Bill Action Group is building a diverse alliance of people and organizations in the Pacific Northwest to advocate for a more healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system. We provide a space for Pacific Northwest communities to educate themselves about the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill and to cultivate the tools to take action and effect policy change.
On March 1, we brought Dan Imhoff, author of Food Fight: A Citizens Guide to Seattle for a radio interview, a strategy session hosted by the President of the Seattle City Council, a reception, and a presentation at the University of Washington (attended by over 200 people). We have also created a website for our organizing: www.nwfoodfight.org.  CAGJ serves asour fiscal sponsor and our primary sponsoring organization.
Train-the-Trainer Program Description
The goal of the Train-the-Trainer Workshop and Toolkit is designed to help communities advocate for a more healthy, sustainable, equitable Farm Bill and food system. The Workshop provides community leaders and organizers with the tools,information, and skills to organize action in their communities, while the Toolkit serves as a resource for guidance on the various ways to engage their community. Communities can be defined geographically, economically, socially, culturally, or any other defining association. The Train-the-Trainer Workshops and Toolkit will be adoptable and adaptable to different community needs. These tools are for our workshops in the Pacific Northwest, but we intend for it to be used by organizations across the country.
Train-the-Trainer Work Plan
First, we will identify which communities we could best serve and then work to identify their priorities and needs. We then will develop materials for the Toolkit. Volunteers have already developed a PowerPoint presentation, a flyer, a Farm Bill Resource Guide and a website. Other ideas include guidance for: communication development (internally/externally), organizing public events (conferences, speakers, panels, etc.), identifying policy priorities, and conducting direct actions. These ideas are only the beginning of a more thorough, useful Toolkit for half day, full day or weekend workshops
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