Alaska: The Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery & Cafe seeks Manager/Chef Partner

23 Jun

The Fresh Sourdough Express is the first “Green” Bakery & Cafe in Alaska. We are seeking a career-minded individual or individuals to partner with us in this profitable venture. Ideally a qualified, restaurant or bakery Manager/Chef with business experience who has the desire to eventually take ownership of this successful venture of 29 year.

Our motto “Food For People and the Planet ,“encapsulates our mission; to sever social and ecologically responsible palette pleasing food to everyone that walks in our warm friendly cozy cafe. We are looking for an enthusiastic and outgoing individual who share our philosophies about food and service and wishes to make a long term commitment with a partnership agreement.

The Fresh Sourdough Express has been committed to the sustainable food movement since 1982 providing a wide range of fresh, organic seasonal foods from local Alaskan farmers, fisherman and ranchers. Everything we serve is made in-house by skilled personal. We grind the organic grain for the Artisan Sourdough Breads and baked goods.

Our goal has always been to create a meaningful dinning experience serving nutritious delicious food with friendly knowledgeable customer service. The loyal team members are the companies greatest asset. They receive quality training and work together using our time tested innovative systems. We are all dedicated to support the local organic food movement and abide green business practices.

This opportunity offers room for creativity and continual innovation. The business is currently run seasonally and has run successful as a year round business. There is an abundance of interest to expand the sustaonable branded concept to multiple units and locations across the state and the country.

With a monetary investment, The Manager shall receive an equity stake in the business, must have good credit and references. You must have a desire for rural Alaskan community living and share the core values-of the culture that the Fresh Sourdough Express embraces. We offer a competitive salary, and anticipate that the person in this position of partnership/ownership will proudly be the owner in the near future. If you are serious in being an investing partner with a build in salary call 907-235-7374 or email us at 

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