California: Oakland Food Policy Council seeks Coordinator

23 Jun


The Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) is a 21-seat council created to analyze the Oakland food system from production through consumption and waste management, and recommend changes to make the system more equitable and sustainable. The council coordinates between food system sectors; bringing underserved populations to the food policy table and recommending policies for a healthier, more prosperous city. Historically, no single body existed in Oakland dedicated to addressing the food system in its entirety. A 2006 report commissioned by the Oakland Mayor’s Office of Sustainability recommended the creation of a food policy council. After Oakland City Council provided start-up funding, a broad coalition worked to identify a home for the OFPC, which is now incubated at Food First. The OFPC Coordinator manages the operation of the OFPC. The OFPC’s work currently centers on advocating for the group’s policy recommendations, summarized in “Transforming the Oakland Food System: A Plan for Action.” In promoting this vision, the OFPC hopes to help build a cohesive movement for food policy transformation in Oakland, and serve as a liaison between different actors in the Oakland food system.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Oversee operational logistics for the Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) and provide structure and direction for OFPC members
• Raise funds for the OFPC’s operation
• Manage meeting agendas and deliverables in partnership with work group chairs
• Evaluate the OFPC’s structure, operations, recruitment process, community and member engagement, and policy development process
• Provide program updates to all funders, manage grant requirements, and submit grant reports
• Support primary tasks of work groups; responsibilities include:
o Oversee recruitment and selection of new members in partnership with Outreach and Recruitment work group
o Oversee monitoring and development of food system metrics and production of a food system report card in partnership with OFPC Data Management and Research work group
o Monitor budget and develop fundraising strategies in partnership with OFPC Fundraising and Financing work group
o Manage the work needed to promote and advance the OFPC’s “Plan for Action,” including developing strategies and organizing activities to advance the OFPC’s proposed policies in partnership with all OFPC members
o Act as primary contact in OFPC collaborations with local organizations, governmental agencies, and neighborhood groups to determine the best policies and actions for a fair, sustainable, economically vibrant food system for Oakland
o Oversee the development and delivery of papers and reports for Oakland City Council and others regarding policies and actions to advance the “Plan for Action”
• Manage communications for the OFPC, including updates to the website, facebook, blog, newsletter, and listservs (refer to the OFPC Communications Plan for additional detail)
• Select and supervise interns
• Liaise between host organization and OFPC members
• Serve as a member of the HOPE Collaborative Steering Committee, filling the seat designated for the OFPC
The ideal candidate will be familiar with urban food systems, food security, and health and food justice issues. They will possess excellent organizing, advocacy, networking, community relations and writing skills. Leadership, self-motivation and the ability to coordinate work with collaboratives, neighborhood groups, and government officials is a must. Prior work experience will include 5 years minimum:
• Working in Bay Area food systems within the city, county, CBO, or private sector
• Policy analysis, formulation and development
• Community development (in fields such as food, health, youth, housing, etc.)
• Fundraising
• Management
Other desirable qualifications include:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• Minimum 3 years experience in advocacy, organizing, and movement-building, through work or volunteer experience
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Familiarity with or willingness to learn programs and applications such as Google Groups, Google Calendar, SurveyMonkey, and basic web content management and donor development systems.
Hours and Compensation
This will be a 75% FTE position with pro-rated benefits, with the goal of increasing to 100% FTE within a year, contingent on available funds. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.
How to Apply
For primary consideration, please send email your resume, cover letter, salary requirements and a writing sample to by July 15, 2011. Candidates should ideally be prepared to start work by August 15, 2011. Food First is an Equal Opportunity employer. Oakland residents are encouraged to apply. For further background information see the OFPC website at
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