Illinois: seeks Good Food Festival Intern

23 Jun

Status:  Part  time  or  Full  time

Position  Description:
The  Good  Food  Festival  Intern  will  support  and  our  Trade  Show  Manager  in  planning  and  executing  the  Santa  Monica  Good  Food  Festival  September  14  –  18,  2011.  Position  to  last  through  October  1,  2011  at  a  minimum.    While  this  is  an  unpaid  position,  we  will  work  with  you  to  obtain  school  credit.
About  is  an  Oak  Park  based  non-­‐profit  organization  that  works  to  build  local  food  systems.  We  connect  local  farmers  with  trade  buyers  and  consumers  through  our  FamilyFarmed  EXPO,  market  development  activities,  and  local  food  systems  programs.    
Duties  and  Responsibilities:  
1. Arrange  and  support  travel  and  hotel  accommodations  for  event  management  team  and  VIP  guests.
2. Access  local  hotel  room  availability  in  Santa  Monica,  arranging  room  discounts,  and  periodic  inventory  updates  to  potential  attendees.
3. Assist  management  team  with  ticketing  and  ticket  website.
4. Support  Registration  Coordinator  with  preparing  lists  and  collecting  names  for  attendance  passes.
5. General  operational  support  for  event  management  team.
6. Assist  in  the  improvement  and  implementation  of  organization’s  overall  event  production  strategy
7. Assist  in  core  event  production  and  operational  functions,  including:
a. Production  schedule,  locating  resources,  and  customer  communications
b. Refining  and  updating  website  content
c. Assist  in  research  to  identify  suppliers  and  money-­‐saving  ways  to  provide  services
d. Help  identify  new  areas  of  production  assistance  through  online  research
Knowledge,  Skills  and  Abilities:  is  a  progressive  and  entrepreneurial  non-­‐profit  food  systems  development  organization.    Strong  familiarity  with  and  passion  for  the  Good  Food  Movement  and  event  management  desired.  Also  seeking  candidates  who  possess  the  following  attributes:
• Initiative,  integrity,  time  management,  and  organizational  skills
• Creative,  entrepreneurial,  and  proactive  work  style
• Excellent  verbal  and  written  communications  as  well  as  interpersonal  skills
• Ability  to  work  well  both  alone  and  as  part  of  a  team  in  a  dynamic  and  fast-­‐paced,  non-­‐profit  environment
• Event  and  registration  management/support  experience
• Administrative/secretarial/office  management  experience  
Good  Food  Festival  Intern  will  gain:
• Direct  experience  supporting  the  planning  and  execution  of  a  high-­‐profile  event
• Trade  Show/Exposition  industry/Show  Management  experience
• Creative  growth  potential  from  working  for  an  entrepreneurial  non-­‐profit
• Opportunity  to  network  with  experienced  professionals  in  the  good  food,  agricultural,  and  trade  show  industries
Time  Commitment:
Part-­‐time  or  full-­‐time  position  available.    Hours  are  flexible,  and  will  be  scheduled  to  accommodate  school  and  other  commitments.  Preference  will  be  given  to  candidates  who  can  commit  through  September  18,  2011  at  a  minimum,  with  October  1,  2011  preferred.
To  Apply:  
To  be  considered  for  the  position,  please  email  a  cover  letter  and  resume  to  and  include  Good  Food  Festival  Internship  in  the  subject  line.    Your  cover  letter  must  include:
1. Your  most  relevant  paid  and  unpaid  work  experience  as  it  pertains  to  the  above  duties  and  skills
2. How  your  event  management  work  or  education  experience  can  help  the  organization  build  local  food  systems.
3. Why  you  want  to  work  at  and  how  your  unique  contribution  will  benefit  the  organization
4. Online  communication  tools  in  which  you  are  proficient  (for  example,  e-­‐mail  programs,  website  management  software,  and  social  media  tools)
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