Wisconsin: GrowSureEase, LLC seeks Assistant Production Manager

29 Jun

We are accepting applications for a year round working managerial position on our farm within the city.  Must have at least three years experience in growing vegetables organically, and will assist with the planning and management / implementation of field and greenhouse operations such as soil nutritional management, planting and cultivating /weeding, disease scouting and prevention, cover crops, composting and boundary fields and boundary areas.

This position entails growing vegetables in minimally heated greenhouse through the Wisconsin winters, transitioning to spring bedding plant sales and seeds grown for our own transplants, as well as tomatoes and peppers etc. in summer.  CSA marketing and management experience required.  Ability to lead work teams with an emphasis on food safety and quality is key to growing the business, and will allow management and committed staff to share in profits via payment in wage plus shares of the farm. 

May also diversify with adding additional packaging of veggies in a consumer ready to eat type product.  Knowledge of food safety, some food prep, and any culinary skills would be appreciated and utilized.

Team work, willingness to learn, adaptability, customer service, a strong work ethic, and belief in sustainable practices are prerequisites to success of any farm.  If this sounds like a challenge you would enjoy please apply as soon as possible.

Please send resume with three letters of reference to :  mjfred@dotnet.com

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