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Check out… The Good Word at SFJ

14 May

We love hearing why you love SFJ! We can’t help but share the good word that you’ve sent our way. Check out our new “The Good Word” page above to read a few inspiring stories.

And remember… if SFJ inspires you, feel free to send us an e-mail and we’ll post your experience right there on the new page. As always,

An SFJ Success Story!

10 Mar

Sue at Two Dog Farm says:

“We post other places as well, and we get so many more responses from your listing than anywhere else there’s no comparison. Thank you!”

So glad we could help generate a bounty of job candidates!

SFJ Success Story!

17 Feb
Gus & Co. Farm wrote us this fabulous letter about their experience using SFJ… what a great way to end our week! We hope you’re inspired.

I’m not sure if you remember, but you helped me post a job for my farm in late December.  After only 24 hours I asked you to remove the listing since I was getting so many inquires… I wanted to let you know that thanks to SFJ I found an incredible new employee.  Wow. What impressive results! Thanks for your help, I’ll be using SFJ for all my hiring needs.

SFJ Success Story!

7 Feb

Four days after posting an opportunity on SFJ, Avery Anderson, of the Quivira Coalition in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told us:

We have already had a phenomenal response from the ad posting on the Sustainable Food Jobs website!  Thanks so much for getting it up there!

Great news. We love to hear that SFJ is making it happen on both ends: for people seeking prospective jobs AND organizations seeking prospective employees.



SFJ profiled on The Atlantic Food Channel

31 Jan

What an awesome surprise at the end of our day! SFJ was profiled today on The Atlantic Food Channel in an article entitled, “So You Want to Find a Food Internship: A Job-Seeking Guide,” written by Helene York of the Bon-Appetit Management Company. In the article, York provides a list of her favorite resources for those looking to delve into a career in sustainable food – and lists SFJ among them. We encourage you to read it here. And can we just say, we’ve always loved The Atlantic Food Channel. For anyone who is not familiar, you should absolutely check it out here or follow them on Twitter.

A little dose of inspiration… an SFJ Success Story

17 Nov

In response to yesterday’s inquiry about SFJ success stories, we received this e-mail… which we are super excited to share with all of you!  Hopefully it sprinkles some inspiration and hope into your job search.  Thank you again for sharing, Holly. 

“I can sincerely say that I would not be sitting in the Slow Food USA office, much less in New York City, if it wasn’t for the Sustainable Food Jobs blog. I originally subscribed more out of curiosity than anything, and when I saw the posting for a Communications internship, I applied on a whim. Not only did I get the internship, but I also became immersed in an entirely new way of looking at food and (let’s face it) my life.

Now I look at the emails from you guys not out of curiosity but with purpose, in hopes of transitioning into a career similar to the one I’ve started here. You keep me informed not only on job postings, but also on organizations I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Thanks so much for what you do,


100,000 Hits!!

15 Mar

Over the weekend, the Sustainable Food Jobs website officially reached 100,000 hits! The site launched just over four months ago, so thank you to everyone for helping to spread the word so quickly. Earlier this month, Green Mountain Farm-to-School announced that, “More applicants came through [the Sustainable Food Jobs] site than any other!”

We’ve listed over 225 jobs so far and only continue to grow. As always, comments are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Whether job-hunting or applicant-hunting, we hope that Sustainable Food Jobs continues to be an invaluable resource in your search.