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Millstone Farm seeks 2010 University-Based Interns

29 Dec

Location: Wilton, Connecticut

Millstone Farm is a 75-acre property in Wilton, Connecticut. We are a working farm whose mission is to achieve a sustainable and economic farm model. The farm also serves as a hub for education and outreach, where we host workshops and action-learning activities, and partner with farmers, community organizations, school groups, restaurateurs, and others interested in learning about diverse, chemical-free farming. Our practices are geared towards achieving a closed loop system where the farm’s varied parts contribute to the whole working body. Our activities include; organic pasture management, rare breed animal husbandry for eggs, meat, wool, and breeding, bio-intensive vegetable and fruit production, maple syrup harvest, and more. We produce for local restaurants, Wilton’s only family-owned supermarket, and a small CSA. We strive to use best farm practices, encourage their implementation, and promote awareness about their positive impact on local economies, the community and quality of life.

The university-based internship program was inspired by Millstone Farm’s current partnership with the Wilton High School internship program, where a limited number of high school students have the opportunity to intern on the farm for the last five weeks of their senior year, and often roll-over to become our summer employees. However, with a limited time frame, these students’ do not have the chance to learn about the seasonal stages of bio-intensive farming. Continue reading

Corbin Hill Road Farm (CHRF) seeks a Farm Manager

28 Dec


Location: Carlisle, New York (Schoharie County)

The Corbin Hill Road Farm, LLC (CHRF or the “Farm”) is developing a 96+ acre farm located in the Town of Carlisle in Schoharie County, NY.  The Farm is a joint venture between social investors and the Hunts Point Alliance for Children, a 501c3 in the South Bronx.  The Farm has ambitious goals.  It expects to grow and serve 1,100 families or more in the South Bronx over the next 10 years.  Initially the community residents will be members of a CSA and, after the farm is profitable, be offered the opportunity to become stockholders in the farm.  The vision of this farm encompasses a more inclusive community that will cross the boundaries of location, race, and class while valuing the environment; works towards food security and food justice; and breaks through the barriers of food redlining.  Moreover, a major goal of the venture will be to redefine the ongoing paradigm that views residents from low-income communities as clients and not as economic citizens. Continue reading

Farm Stories needs Writers

28 Dec


Location: Online – a.k.a. anywhere!

Farm Stories is looking for writers who want to tell the compelling stories of sustainable farms to inspire and educate would be, new and existing farmers interested in practical applications of stustainable agriculture.

By sharing real world methods, and examples, and stories about sustainable agriculture, food security and food sovereignty, we can make a positive impact on our agricultural system.  I can’t pay you, but I can’t do it alone.  Organizations  and individuals can sign up for a free blog at yourname.farmstories.org to get started sharing these important stories.  Check out the site for more information!

Riverhill Farm needs six 2010 Interns

15 Dec

Location: Nevada City, California

Riverhill Farm is located near Nevada City in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Nevada City is a progressive town with many grassroots efforts underway and a strong community movement supporting local food and agriculture. Riverhill Farm consists of twenty acres, about eight of which are cropped in a diverse mix of vegetables and annual fruits. We are a community based farm, selling all of our produce within ten miles of the farm, primarily through our 160+ share CSA, the Nevada City Farmers’ Market, and to local restaurants featuring locally grown produce on their menus.

Each season, we accept six interns for a long-term commitment during the months of April through October. We do not accept short-term stays. Interns participate in all aspects of the farm from seeding to harvest. Through the development of practical farming skills, special intern projects, directed readings, discussion and time set aside for more formal learning, we work to provide enough skills that an intern can gain full-time permanent work on a farm or, with enough preparation, start their own farm. Periodically we host agricultural professionals, farmers and ranchers, naturalists and members of other farm-related organizations to complement the educational experience.

Continue reading

Weavers Way is looking for Two 2010 Apprentices

9 Dec

Location: Northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are accepting applications through January 19th, 2010.

Weavers Way is currently seeking two apprentices to work on our farming projects in Northwest Philadelphia.  The farm sites consist of a two acre market farm, and a three acre CSA.  The farms are run through Weavers Way Coop, a 3,600 member, community-owned market with locations in Mt Airy, West Oak Lane and Chestnut Hill.  Apprentices will be expected to work 40-55 hours per week, depending on the time of the season, which runs March 29th to mid-November.  Each apprentice will focus their time at one of the two sites.  We offer a $100 weekly stipend, produce from the farm, coop membership, and housing with a local family if needed.  Both positions offer experience with small scale, diversified organic vegetable production and the opportunity to develop skills in greenhouse production, season extension, pest management, planting, weeding, harvesting, marketing, and volunteer management. Continue reading