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Cramer Organics seeks Summer 2010 Interns

16 Dec

Location: 30 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cramer Organics is a small, 10 acre farm in the Crow River Watershed and close to the town of Rockford. Our primary market is our 80 member CSA. We use a permanent bed system on about 4 acres, and have been certified organic since starting in 2004. Sustainable practices are at the center of our practice, as we try to model nature as best we can. On-farm composting and cover crops such as Rye, Vetch, Ryegrass, Buckwheat, and Sorghum-Sudan grass are integral to our farming operation. For 2010, we plan to increase our CSA membership to 100+ and start selling to Harvest Moon Coop opening in the community of Long Lake in 2010.

Interns will begin in May and will learn all aspect of growing fruit and vegetables organically. This will include greenhouse work, planting from transplants and direct seeding, cultivating, use of equipment (both hand and Tractor), cover crop strategies, insect management, weed management, irrigation, harvesting, post-harvest handling, composting, food safety, storage, packing CSA boxes, and delivery. Further, Interns will be involved in our learning opportunities, including outreach activities on our farm and others, and our “learn to cook” seminars we plan to have for our CSA members. Our CSA “Library” is also available to Interns. Continue reading

Live Earth Farm is looking for 1-2 Apprentices

16 Dec

Location: Watsonville, California

Live Earth Farm established in 1996 is a 100 acre organic farm overlooking the Green Valley in the Santa Cruz area of California.  We offer a year round CSA with over 800 members during the regular season.  Our Environmental Education programs include 1-2 apprenticeships per year, from January through November.  Our apprentices work on all aspects of our farm, including animal care.  You will be exposed to all of the following areas of farm operation in the first year and be expected to gain expertise and take responsibility for at least one area if you stay on for second year. Continue reading

Riverhill Farm needs six 2010 Interns

15 Dec

Location: Nevada City, California

Riverhill Farm is located near Nevada City in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Nevada City is a progressive town with many grassroots efforts underway and a strong community movement supporting local food and agriculture. Riverhill Farm consists of twenty acres, about eight of which are cropped in a diverse mix of vegetables and annual fruits. We are a community based farm, selling all of our produce within ten miles of the farm, primarily through our 160+ share CSA, the Nevada City Farmers’ Market, and to local restaurants featuring locally grown produce on their menus.

Each season, we accept six interns for a long-term commitment during the months of April through October. We do not accept short-term stays. Interns participate in all aspects of the farm from seeding to harvest. Through the development of practical farming skills, special intern projects, directed readings, discussion and time set aside for more formal learning, we work to provide enough skills that an intern can gain full-time permanent work on a farm or, with enough preparation, start their own farm. Periodically we host agricultural professionals, farmers and ranchers, naturalists and members of other farm-related organizations to complement the educational experience.

Continue reading

Big River Farms is hiring a Training Coordinator

15 Dec

Location: Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Big River Farms, a program of Minnesota Food Association, is hiring a half-time Training Coordinator.  This position will move to full time when funding allows.  The Training Coordinator will  work with existing curriculum to make modifications and plan and organize the trainings, create flyers to promote and advertise meeting style trainings and in field trainings for immigrant and aspiring farmers.  The Training Coordinator will work closely with the Farm Manager and Production Coordinator to assure that the Immigrant farmers in the Big River Farms training program receive adequate resources and information to meet their small farm goals. Applicants for this position must have successful vegetable farming experience, adult education experience and have a proven record of working with people for whom English is not a first language.  Experience with a variety of cultures and in marketing and promoting vegetables in the direct, intermediate and wholesale markets is a plus.   Continue reading

Glynwood seeks a Director of Emerging Issues

11 Dec

Location: Cold Spring, New York

Application Deadline: January 7, 2010

Glynwood’s Director of Emerging Issues will be a member of the Senior Staff team, with direct responsibility for helping Glynwood take advantage of the opportunity provided by the growing interest in the issues at the heart of its mission. This will be done by:

  • Working with other senior staff to identify critical issues that impede the strengthening of the regional food system. For each issue, the Director of Emerging Issues will: design, undertake, and complete the research needed to develop a solid understanding; develop the network of contacts and relationships needed to “ground truth” the research; prepare a draft report or “white paper;” design and organize a dissemination plan, which may include the organization and coordination of workshops, seminars or other events at Glynwood and/or in New York City.
  • Managing special projects that arise, including Countryside Exchanges and the production of special reports.
  • Enriching Glynwood’s communications outreach to maximize the value of existing work through the website, by expanding the multi-media tools begun this year to promote programs and by representing Glynwood in networking and partnership-building meetings, to expand outreach in NYC, the Valley and beyond, as requested by the President. Continue reading

ADAMAH seeks a Field Manager

11 Dec

Location: Falls Village, Connecticut

The ADAMAH Field Manager will manage vegetable production on the 5-acre Adamah farm, which grows for a 50-share CSA, for the dining hall at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT, and for our value-added products business (pickles, sauerkraut and jam).

Main responsibilities include: crop planning, greenhouse propagation, transplanting, tractor & hand cultivating, harvesting, post-harvest handling & storage, and packing for CSA delivery. The Field Manager will train and supervise the Sadeh Apprentice; train, supervise and teach the Adamah Fellows while they are working in the field; and assist with the goats, chickens, and educational programs when necessary. Continue reading

Weavers Way is looking for Two 2010 Apprentices

9 Dec

Location: Northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are accepting applications through January 19th, 2010.

Weavers Way is currently seeking two apprentices to work on our farming projects in Northwest Philadelphia.  The farm sites consist of a two acre market farm, and a three acre CSA.  The farms are run through Weavers Way Coop, a 3,600 member, community-owned market with locations in Mt Airy, West Oak Lane and Chestnut Hill.  Apprentices will be expected to work 40-55 hours per week, depending on the time of the season, which runs March 29th to mid-November.  Each apprentice will focus their time at one of the two sites.  We offer a $100 weekly stipend, produce from the farm, coop membership, and housing with a local family if needed.  Both positions offer experience with small scale, diversified organic vegetable production and the opportunity to develop skills in greenhouse production, season extension, pest management, planting, weeding, harvesting, marketing, and volunteer management. Continue reading