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Millstone Farm seeks 2010 University-Based Interns

29 Dec

Location: Wilton, Connecticut

Millstone Farm is a 75-acre property in Wilton, Connecticut. We are a working farm whose mission is to achieve a sustainable and economic farm model. The farm also serves as a hub for education and outreach, where we host workshops and action-learning activities, and partner with farmers, community organizations, school groups, restaurateurs, and others interested in learning about diverse, chemical-free farming. Our practices are geared towards achieving a closed loop system where the farm’s varied parts contribute to the whole working body. Our activities include; organic pasture management, rare breed animal husbandry for eggs, meat, wool, and breeding, bio-intensive vegetable and fruit production, maple syrup harvest, and more. We produce for local restaurants, Wilton’s only family-owned supermarket, and a small CSA. We strive to use best farm practices, encourage their implementation, and promote awareness about their positive impact on local economies, the community and quality of life.

The university-based internship program was inspired by Millstone Farm’s current partnership with the Wilton High School internship program, where a limited number of high school students have the opportunity to intern on the farm for the last five weeks of their senior year, and often roll-over to become our summer employees. However, with a limited time frame, these students’ do not have the chance to learn about the seasonal stages of bio-intensive farming. Continue reading